Plant Spirit Yoga

As an herbalist and plant-lover, I am honored to offer "Plant Spirit Yoga Journeys," a practice inspired in me by the plants in 2005.  These journeys are like the regular asana classes that I teach, but the theme is a particular plant, such as Rose, White Pine, Nettle, Elderberry, or Yellow Birch.  We use breath, meditation, and asana to invoke and then embody the spiritual essence of the plant.  In this way we welcome in the healing energies of the plant, as well as become mediums for any message it may have for us or for others.  In Tantric philosophy, it is believed everything is connected, woven together, and that the same Divine Consciousness pervades all creation.  Therefore, we can tap into any expression of Consciousness at any time.  The plants have always been my teachers.  Their teachings are profound and very applicable to our daily lives.  It is my hope that through the practice of Plant Spirit Yoga, we can learn to dance with the Divine in new and ever-expanding ways, embodying the plants' teachings of love, compassion, peace, and joy.

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