Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meditations on the Divine Feminine

I am excited to announce another round of “The Heart of the Goddess: Deepening our Yoga with Meditation and Mythology.”  We’re just finishing the first series this week and it has been an incredibly rich experience.  I feel so grateful for the wonderful women who joined me on this adventure, bringing their passion, diverse experience, potent questions, and beautiful open-heartedness to deepen our learning!

Through the discipline of Tantric meditation we become disciples of our own hearts, devoted to the sacred power, grace, wisdom, and beauty that flows through each one of us and through all of Nature.  Through meditation, mythology, mudra, and mantra we come to understand the energies of the various Goddesses as ways of understanding, expressing, and embodying our own sacred gifts, learning how to more authentically and generously share them with the world.

The word tantra not only means “the teachings,” or “the practices,” but also can be rendered as “loom,” or “warp” (as in the warp and weft in weaving).  The Sanskrit root tan in the word tantra gives us the English words attention, intention, extend, and tender among others.

And so it is that we tenderly turn our attention to our intention: to extend our understanding of the Goddess – She whose power, grace, and presence are woven throughout the entire web of life – through these teachings and practices known as Tantra.

May this study of meditation and of the sacred stories and teachings help us to consciously remember ourselves back into the dance, back into the web, with ever-increasing delight, wisdom, compassion, and courage.  May we seek not to transcend, but to be embodied with ever greater awareness, skill, and peaceful presence.  May we take up the invitation of yoga and be fully engaged in life, responsible for our actions and choices, curious, kind, and respectful.  May we remember that we are part of everything, and that everything we do and don’t do affects everything else.  May we hold all life as sacred. 

Jai Ma!  

"The Heart of the Goddess: Meditation and Mythology", a nine week series, will be held on Wednesdays from 10-11:30am at the Shambhala Center in Montpelier, VT beginning May 1st.  I also will be teaching another nine week series called "The Heart of Meditation: Tantric Philosophy and Contemplation" on Fridays from 10-11:30am starting May 3rd.   Please see more at www.saprema-yoga.com

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