Monday, January 7, 2013

Plant Spirit Yoga Year 2013

Stir, Sprout, Unfurl, Bloom, Ripen, Root, Nourish, and Rest.

Join me, Lydia Russell-McDade, on the journey through the seasons at beautiful Dharma Door Retreat Center in Underhill, VT.  We'll gather close to or on the Celtic quarter and cross-quarter days: Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnassah, Mabon, Samhain, and Yule, to delve deeply into teachings of the plants through movement, meditation, myth, and magic!

This course is for:
~ Practitioners of yoga and meditation who crave a deeper connection to nature and the seasons, and are interested in herbalism, plant spirit medicine, and earth-based spirituality
~ Herbalists, gardeners, and plant-lovers who are interested in yoga and meditation
~ Pagans and those from other earth-honoring traditions, curious to learn more about practices to enhance their connection to and understanding of the Wheel of the Year through somatic experiences
~ Those interested in the intersections of nature, myth, movement, and spirituality

Each session will include a Plant Spirit Yoga class, a Plant Spirit Meditation session, and a lesson in magic, myth, or movement that brings us deeper into the season and our selves.  In warmer months there will be time spent outside working one-on-one with the plants.  On the Summer and Winter Solstices there will be an over-night which will include ritual and celebration.

The yoga asana portion of the course will be at an intermediate level and not geared towards beginners.  However, no prior experience in meditation, herbalism, ritual, or Plant Spirit Medicine is necessary.

Some topics other than yoga, meditation, and Plant Spirit Medicine that will be woven into the year include: Authentic Movement (an improvisational and contemplative dance form), the basics of Tantric philosophy and its ties to Celtic spirituality, the creation and holding of sacred space, introduction to the directions and elements in ritual space, the chakras (energy centers in the body) and plants, plant poetry writing and reading, Hindu and Celtic mythology and archetypes, The Celtic Wheel of the Year and it's correspondences, Hindu and Celtic deities and their botanical and seasonal correspondences, flower essences, and the basics of simple herbal medicine with recipes.

We will meet Friday February 1st at Dharma Door from 5:30-7pm to celebrate Imbolc with Plant Spirit Yoga and to get a sample of what the Plant Spirit Yoga year will be like.  You can sign up for this first evening for $20 and then decide whether you'd like to commit to the next seven sessions.  If you can't attend this first class, but would like to get a flavor of what's to come, this same Imbolc Plant Spirit Yoga workshop will be offered in Montpelier (February 2nd) and Hardwick (at "The Open Space  1/9, 3-5pm).  Contact me to find out more details and to sign-up.

The first official session of the Plant Spirit Yoga Year will be Sunday March 31st, followed by Saturday May 11th, June 22nd (overnight), August 3rd, September 21st, November 2nd, and December 21st (overnight).  After the Imbolc sessions in February, no more drop-ins are allowed.  All these sessions will take place at Dharma Door in Underhill.

Participants will be asked to bring their own lunch and snacks.  Each day (after Imbolc) will go from 10am 'til 4pm (except for the two overnights which will end Sunday morning.)  The cost is $600 for the seven sessions (including the 2 overnights).  The Imbolc Birch sessions cost $20 and are not included in the full price.  Payment plans are available for the series; just ask!

I hope you will join us on this magical journey through the Wheel of the Year!  Be in touch if you have questions or would like to sign up:  Learn more at

Saprema (with Love), Lydia

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